The iPS center reaches out to physicians/clinicians in the Netherlands and worldwide for collaborations and providing advice.

We collect and maintain tissue samples for iPS cell generation and neuronal differentiation from patients in the relevant disease areas. We invite clinicians to contact us regarding cases that might be informative to these disease areas. We work with validated reprogramming protocols that warrant efficient induction. We can also provide protocols and past performance records for METC applications.

We currently work together with clinicians worldwide on iPS cell based projects on epilepsia (Ohtahara/West syndrome), schizophrenia, autism, Rett-syndrome and intellectual disability.

For further information please contact the center.

The iPS center shares expertise and provides information to clinicians on the various aspects of iPS cell based research. We can provide information related to specific disease areas and iPS cell based research as well as provide seminars by our staff on clinical conferences and group meetings. For further information please contact the center.

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